Aladino Interviews Arianna from “Sexy People” feat. Pitbull


Celebrity interviewer and CNN iReporter ALADINO had the opportunity to interview pop star commonly known by the stage name Arianna, who is an Italian singer and actress that at age 7 started participating Starting in numerous ad campaigns.

Still very young participated in the TV shows “Fantastico 2” and “Fantastico 3”, and in the 1989 Rai drama “I Promessi Sposi” (The Betrothed) and began studying dance with Brian and Garrison.


In 1990 she was chosen among two thousand girls, as testimonial singer for Disney Italy.
The big American company makes her sign a five years contract and record 4 solo albums (containing both the Disney classics, and unreleased songs) and dozens of compilations.
During this period, numerous services and interviews are dedicated to her on the weekly magazine “Topolino” (Mickey Mouse, where she had her own column: Il Filo di Arianna, i.e. The Ariadne’s…

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